RECIPE: Savory Red Pepper Soup

Soup season has arrived, and we have some great soup recipes for you to enjoy this fall, which you can find by visiting our RECIPES page. We also have a great video with Tony demonstrating how to make one of our favorite soups, Red Pepper Soup, recently on North Dakota Today. Just click on the play button below to watch Tony, or click HERE for the recipe.

Cooking Video: The Lost Italian’s Mojito Chicken

Recently on North Dakota Today Tony featured one of our favorite summer grilling recipes that we call Mojito Chicken.

We created this recipe in the summer of 2010, inspired by the bounty of beautiful mojito mint we had in our garden at the time. We make this recipe several times throughout the summer, and serve it with our Grilled Corn Salsa. I love to make a little extra to use for salads and sandwiches later in the week. Click the play button in the video box below and enjoy!

Cooking Video: Rustic Beet Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Recently we visited our friend, Greg Cook, on his farm at 4 Elements Winery in Durbin, ND. The grapevines are still in their early years and won’t be ready for winemaking for another couple years, but Greg has a flourishing Red River Valley garden that is abundant with foods we love.

Greg generously sent us home with a huge supply of fresh basil as well as a beautiful assortment of red, candy stripe and golden beets. Our Executive Chef at Sarello’s, Ben Walker, was so inspired that he created a gorgeous beet salad with a fresh grapefruit vinaigrette, which Tony demonstrated during his Monday segment on North Dakota Today. Click the play button below and enjoy the video!