We are big believers in the power of soup, and below you will find some favorite recipes from Sarello’s and beyond. Many of our soups call for a roux, which is a mixture of butter and flour used to thicken the soup. To learn how to make a blond roux, which is the kind we use for soups, watch Tony’s video demonstration below and then GET YOUR SOUP ON!

Click Here for the Blond Roux Recipe

How to Make a Blond Roux for Soups

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  1. Vicki Chepuls

    Tony and Sarah,
    I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your features on the INFORUM and these wonderful tidbits on your website! Your recipes are fabulous, but more than that, I find your stories and delivery makes the whole experience of learning about and making (and in turn, eatingYUM!) the recipes that much more fun. Kudos to you for making the extra effort to establish an even stronger presence/brand for the Nosellos and Sarellos in the region. You two are the tops!!

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Oh, thank you, Vicki! We are really enjoying these new creative projects, and are so glad to know you are too. And no worries on the spelling – most people think our last name is Sarello’s, so you’re already well ahead. 🙂

      So good to hear from you – I really enjoy following you on Facebook. Green Island sounds idyllic – even the raking!

      All our best,
      Sarah (and Tony)

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