Grand Marnier Zabablione

Serves: 4 to 6

5 egg yolks
¼ cup white wine
½ cup Grand Marnier (or any orange liqueur)
1/3 cup orange juice
4 oz. sugar

1/3 cup heavy cream, whipped into soft peaks – only necessary if making in advance

Combine the egg yolks, white wine, orange liqueur, orange juice and sugar in a large stainless steel bowl and use a whisk or handheld electric mixer to mix them well. Then create a water bath on low to medium heat and place the stainless steel bowl over the bath.

Continue to whisk the mixture rapidly to incorporate as much air as possible. If you need to stop whisking, remove the bowl from the heat. If left on the heat without whisking, the eggs will cook and scramble.

Whisk vigorously until the mixture triples in volume and is light and fluffy, about 10 minutes. Serve immediately over fresh berries in a martini glass or goblet. Top with more berries and a bit of orange zest.

Tony’s Tips:

  • While zabaglione is traditionally and best served warm, it is often served chilled without compromising the dish’s integrity. This enables the cook to prepare the dessert in advance and refrigerate until ready to use.
  • The signature of a well-made zabaglione is its “airy” quality, so the more you can whisk the custard, the better. The custard should be thick and frothy, and pale in color.

To store and serve later: After the mixture has been whisked until tripled in size, set it aside to cool. In a separate bowl, use a whisk or handheld mixer to whisk the heavy cream until it forms soft peaks; use a spatula to gently fold the whipped cream into the cooled custard until fully incorporated. This will ensure that your custard stays light and airy while being stored. Cover the bowl and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days before serving. When ready to serve, pour into serving dish over fresh berries, or use as a sauce or filling for cake.

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