One-Pan Fried Egg Sandwich

Giovanni and I stopped by the Green Market Kitchen in downtown Fargo last Friday to enjoy their featured dessert: Chocolate Souffle Cake with Whipped Cream. They’d posted a picture of it on Facebook the day before, and it looked too good to miss (click HERE to see the photo). For some reason, Giovanni has long wanted to try a dessert souffle, and I thought this would be a fun food adventure for us.

We love the food at the Green Market, and this souffle was no exception. It was served in a  (hot) cup, with a little bowl of whipped cream on the side. GIovanni’s reaction when he tasted his first mouthful was, “Ohhh, this is good.”

Of course, if you’re at the Green Market, you can’t leave without purchasing something to take home, right? Well, I can’t. They have a terrific cheese selection, and the very best breads in town. The bread selection changes daily and is limited to just a few options – I love this gesture, because I tend to buy at least one of each featured bread (I like to stock up because these breads freeze beautifully).

We are big fans of the Saturday bagels and orange rolls, and I usually buy a dozen of each – some for the weekend, and the rest for my freezer.

On Friday, they were featuring Tony’s favorite focaccia loaves as well as a gorgeous round Fennel bread. I bought two of each, and added a block of Gio’s favorite aged cheddar and a dozen of Renee’s Farm Fresh Eggs to our order.

On Saturday morning, I received a text from my dear friend, Jennie, with a recommendation for a healthy breakfast. Lately, we’ve taken to texting to encourage each other to eat well. While not always successful, this time Jennie included a picture of an egg sandwich, and I knew I had the answer to the question that had been on my mind since waking up: “What am I going to eat for breakfast?”

I cut two thin slices of the fennel loaf and set them in the toaster. Then, in one medium pan, I fried an egg in extra virgin olive oil with a hearty handful of spinach, and one piece of Canadian Bacon. I just love the rich yellow color of an organic egg yolk. I’ve actually compared them to the yolks of a “regular” egg before to see if there really was a difference in color, or if it was just my perception. For whatever reason, the organic egg yolks are always more vibrant in color.

When the toast was ready, I spread a thin layer of good butter on each piece and set them aside. Then I shaved a few thin pieces off the brick of aged cheddar and laid it over the nearly-finished fried egg, allowing it to melt before serving (I also added a little salt and freshly ground pepper to the egg before the cheese).
I lightly browned each side of the bacon and placed it in on a piece of toast, topping that with the spinach, then the fried egg. I topped it with the second piece of toast, cut it in half and the result made my mouth water. This sandwich was so pretty! Even Gio, who has recently been known to shun eggs, couldn’t resist taking a bite.

Tony was not at home when I made the first sandwich, which gave me the perfect excuse to do a repeat performance on Sunday morning. After inhaling his sandwich, he looked at me and said, “You need to blog about this.”

So here you have it. What set this fried egg sandwich apart from any other I’ve made is the quality of the ingredients I used. The sweet-savory richness of the fennel bread, the tangy sharpness of the aged cheddar, the luxury of the farm-fresh egg all came together with the spinach and Canadian bacon so well. I can’t wait to make it again.

So stop by the Green Market this holiday season and say hello to our friends Peter, Andrea, Steve and Sara. You won’t be disappointed.