GooGoo’s Baked Ham And Other Easter Favorites


My Great Grandmother GooGoo’s Baked Ham has been an Easter tradition in our family for at least seven decades, and this year will be no exception.

This baked ham is easy to make and the perfect recipe to engage your kids and grandkids in the kitchen. From studding the ham with cloves, to preparing the paste and basting it as it bakes, watching the water level in the pan, and even whisking the gravy, kids can be a part of the entire process.

When buying the ham, go for quality over value and choose the slightly more expensive shank half over the butt half. The shank has better flavor, and just one bone versus several, which ultimately means more bang for your buck.

Ham comes already cooked, so you could just eat it straight from the wrapping if you like, but baking the ham will intensify its flavor. GooGoo’s recipe is delicious, straightforward, easy to follow and practically foolproof. The one key to remember is to add a little water to the pan once the ham is in, which will help prevent the sugar from burning. I had to add a tablespoon or two of water several times as it baked, so be sure to check the pan often. This will be a great job for kids.

We’re including GooGoo’s recipe for ham gravy today, so this step is important to ensure that the drippings can be used; however, if you don’t intend to make gravy it’s not such a big deal.

GooGoo’s ham is excellent served either hot or at room temperature, which means you can prepare it in advance for an Easter brunch if desired. But, if you do plan to make the ham gravy it is best to when made and served right after the ham is removed from the oven.

We hope you enjoy GooGoo’s baked ham at your family’s Easter feast, but it will brighten up your table even on a plain old Monday. I know it did for GooGoo. Happy Easter!

GooGoo’s Baked Easter Ham

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