Party Dip Contest Recipes

Here you can find all the entries for our recipe contest, “In Search of the Perfect Party Dip.” We’ll be posting new ones as they come in, and each day we will select one recipe to feature as our RECIPE CONTEST SPOTLIGHT, which are the recipes with an asterisk (*) next to them.

One of the main reasons for hosting this contest was to expand our personal dip repertoire, and that is certainly happening! Thank you to everyone for sending us your recipes, and GOOD LUCK!


1. Judy Fossum’s Pink Shrimp Dip*
2. Deb Laber’s Tomato Hummus
3. Patty Anderson’s Lake Dip*
4. Sheila Anderson’s Bagel Dip
5. Erika Ruud’s Pizza Dip
6. Linda Stewart’s Cucumber Dip
7. Stephanie Cossette’s Pheasant Stuffed Jalapeños
8. Martha Simmons’ Black-Eyed Pea Dip*
9. Shannon Stumpf’s Cheddar Ranch Dip
10. Jaime Staska’s Minty Pea Dip
11. Greg Cook’s Muhamarra (Middle Eastern Roasted Red Pepper Dip)*
12. Suzanne LaPalm’s Zesty White Bean Dip*
13. Ann Marie Olson’s Layered Oriental Dip Appetizer
14. Merri Jo Connole’s Bacon and Cheddar Dip
15. Becky Lommen’s Dill Pickle Dip
16. Dan Wolfe’s Hot Sausage Cheese Dip
17. Cara Cody-Braun’s Smoked Egg Dip
18. Sherre Sattler’s Jalapeño Popper Dip*
19. JoAnn Berg’s Seafood Fondue Dip
20. Jeff Homuth’s White Bean Cilantro Dip
21. Jean Eppler’s Cranberries Gone Wild Dip*
22. Marilyn Litt’s Salsa-Bean Dip
23. Jenny Marhula’s Curried Chutney Dip
24. Jay Johnson’s Creamy Nectarine and Onion Dip
25. Gary Litt’s Baked Onion Dip* 
26. Esther Nordhougen’s Cranberry Cream Cheese Topping
27. Cheryl Knudson’s Taco Dip
28. Becky Hebert’s Radish and Cream Cheese Spread
29. Denise Bakkum’s Philly Dip
30. Glenice Carlson’s Dilly Dip with Onion Bagels
31. Connie Lykken’s Cucumber Dip
32. Emily Brooks’ No Fail Artichoke Dip
33. Tom Shorma’s Party Favorite Cheeseburger on a Chip Dip*
34. Ilo Hendrickson’s Cheese Dip
35. Sarah Moore’s To Die For Bagel Dip
36. Emily Richard’s Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip
37. Vicki Dawson’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa Dip
38. Kristen Rohde’s Ubiquitous Crab Dip
39. Leslie Scott’s Layered Taco Dip
40. Marcy Baker’s Sesame Dip
41. Peggy’s Hot Beef Taco Dip
42. Michelle Erdmann’s Lemon Ricotta Spread Dip
43. Marlys Santwire’s Spinach Dip
44. Marlys Santwire’s Jimmy Dean Dip
45. Marlys Santwire’s Crab Dip
46. Marlys Santwire’s Chicken Wings
47. Rosina (DeBrito) Kerlin’s Tu Sei Pazzo Sauce/Your Crazy Sauce
48. Elaine Scheer’s Cowboy Beef Dip




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