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37 Responses

  1. Carolyn

    We are baking for Christmas week and want to freeze some of the cookies. Any tips on to freeze cookies? And are there baked goods that should not be frozen?

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Thank you for the great comments, Paul. We are glad to know you enjoy the blog, and appreciate your feedback.

      Sarah and Tony

  2. Bonnie Kavanaugh

    I made your horseradish encrusted beef tenderloin for Christmas day dinner. It was delicious! And looked tasty on the serving platter, with oven-roasted asparagus & twice-baked potatoes. Even sprinkled some of the panko mixture on the asparagus. Clean-up tip: line baking dish with foil. Enjoy your Forum column very much.

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Thank you Bonnie! So glad to hear you enjoyed it – we did too! Great tip on the foil – I will add that to the recipe on our blog. Happy New Year!

  3. Mary Sherman

    Please include me on your email list for classes and events. I am interested in the cooking school Tony discussed on TV today.

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Mary, we had some technical difficulties on the blog this morning, but all the information is now posted on the home page. I have also added your email address to our mailing list so you will start receiving our newsletters this week. Hope you can join us for the weekend in September!
      -Sarah and Tony

  4. Ruthie Bracken

    I’d like to submit this recipe for Mediterranean Bean Soup in your contest. I’m a vegetarian, and it’s my favorite wintertime soup. I always think of it when I have leftover new potatoes. Some of my meat-eating friends have adapted it to their preferences and added sliced sausage to the recipe.

    1 pound dried navy beans
    2 t salt
    2 T olive oil
    1 med onion, minced
    1 green pepper, diced
    2 large carrots, chopped
    1 rib celery, chopped
    4-6 new potatoes, cooked and sliced
    6 large cloves garlic, crushed
    1 bunch fresh kale
    14 oz canned crushed tomatoes
    1 t dried basil
    1 t dried rosemary
    1/4 t red pepper flakes

    Rinse & clean beans. Cook with the salt, according to package directions until tender. Rinse again, place in a soup pot and cover with enough water to make the soup.

    Heat oil in a wide skillet over medium heat. Add onion, pepper, carrot and celery to pan. Cook vegetables, stirring occasionally, about 15 minutes. They should be quite soft. Add garlic and cook 5 minutes more. Add the cooked vegetables to the soup pot with the beans and water. Rinse the kale, removing any big stems. Chop the leaves and add to the soup pot. Add the tomatoes, cooked potatoes, basil, rosemary and red pepper flakes. Cook until kale is tender. Then — SOUP’S ON!

  5. Marilyn Holt

    Everyone at my house loves your Pollo Tricolore recipe published on January 22,2014! I came to your site today looking for the Norwegian Italian meatball recipe that was published in the Forum this past week. The recipes here seem to be a year or so behind what I see in the newspaper. Could you email me the recipe I saw this week?
    Love your column!

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Marilyn, and thanks so much for your comment. We’re so glad to know that you enjoy our recipes and column. We’re curious to know if you may have bookmarked an old page from the site, as we’re not quite sure where you might have looked. The Norwegian Meatballs recipe has been the featured article on the home page since Dec. 3, and is also featured in the RECIPES section both under Meats and Appetizers. We will also send you the recipe via email later today, and thank you again for reading!

  6. karen lien

    Tony and Sarah, I would like to sign up for your Gnocchi making class on Feb 23rd. Please let me know if this is the correct way to get ahold of you. thank you, Karen Lien

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Karen,

      We’ve been having trouble getting onto our blog this morning, and I saw your email so I sent you a reply message. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can join our class on Feb. 23rd.


  7. Hi, I was looking for, but have not been able to locate, the recipe for the Irish Whiskey bread pudding. There doesn’t seem to be a link in the news article, and I don’f find the recipe on your web site either. Thanks

  8. Janelle Sanda

    I made Tony’s Italian Bison Burgers for guests recently and they were a big hit. Would they freeze well as individual patties, so could defrost just a couple to grill at a time? Thanks for sharing the great recipes!

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Janelle! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the bison burger recipe. We’ve never frozen them, but agree that they should freeze well for at least 2 months. I would wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then store them in a freezer bag or airtight container to prevent freezer burn.

      If you do freeze them, let us know what you think. Thanks so much for reading!

  9. Tim Miller

    I stopped by your restaurant today looking for a party on the prairie cookbook and it looked like the place was closed up. Is there anyplace else that has them?

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you so much for your message. I’m sorry that we missed you today. We stopped operating as a restaurant last June and now function as an event and culinary center so we do not have regular hours at our facility. If you are in the area, I would be happy to help you with your cookbook purchase and can drop one off for you tomorrow if you’d like. Please let me know what I can do to assist you.

      Kindest regards,
      Sarah Nasello

  10. Sonia Bar

    Hi, there was a recipe for butternut squash soup with andouillle sausage on the Sarello’s website. Since I can no longer access the site, can it be reprinted? It is one of my favorites. I have tried adapting the sweet potato soup with andouillle wth butternut squash, but it just doesn’t taste quite right. Thanks so much!
    Sonia Bar

  11. Sandra Brasch

    I lost my copy of your salmon cheesecake appetizer recipe in the Forum in Dec. Would it be too much trouble to get a copy? Sandy

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for your request. I just emailed a copy of the recipe to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  12. Cynthia Meidinger

    I made your Mediterranean Steak Salad recipe last week and we loved it! However, I have misplaced the recipe. Can you email me a copy? Thanks!

  13. Susan Busker

    My daughter loves your Butternut Squash Pizza recipe that was in the Fargo Forum maybe 2 years ago, I can’t find it and don’t see it here, is there somewhere I could find it. Thanks-Susan

    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, we have never featured a recipe for butternut squash pizza. There are several other resources The Forum uses for recipes besides our column, but I just went onto their website and can’t find any reference for this recipe there. I will forward your request on to my editor, in the event that she may be able to track it down. I will let you know if she has any success.

  14. Anonymous

    Hi, I am looking for the recipe on the crandberry dip that was written in the Best recipes of the year? I would so appreciate it, I love crandberries and anything made with them, is a WIN WIN. Thanks

  15. Sharon

    Hi, I would like the recipe for the crandberry dip that was in the top 10 Best recipes. I don’t know if I missed it looking thru all of them posted or if it wasn’t included. It sounds wonderful and I am assigned to bring an appetizer for Thanksgiving. Thank you and have a nice holiday, full of meaning and blessings


  16. Shari Common

    I read your columns in the Minot Daily News and I think I used one of your recipes for a Maple Glazed Pumpkin cookie, but I seem to have lost it. Was this one of your recipes? If so, where can I get a copy – they were delicious!

  17. Tom Fellman

    Hi Sarah,
    I made the beef short ribs for the family on Christmas Eve. They were fabulous. The gravy was the best I’ve ever made. Do you plan to post the recipe?


    1. Sarah Nasello

      Hi, Tom! Your success with our braised beef short ribs made my day! I’ve just sent you an email with a printable copy of the recipe, and it’s now on the blog, here:

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