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7 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. We are baking for Christmas week and want to freeze some of the cookies. Any tips on to freeze cookies? And are there baked goods that should not be frozen?

  2. I made your horseradish encrusted beef tenderloin for Christmas day dinner. It was delicious! And looked tasty on the serving platter, with oven-roasted asparagus & twice-baked potatoes. Even sprinkled some of the panko mixture on the asparagus. Clean-up tip: line baking dish with foil. Enjoy your Forum column very much.

  3. Please include me on your email list for classes and events. I am interested in the cooking school Tony discussed on TV today.

    • Hi Mary, we had some technical difficulties on the blog this morning, but all the information is now posted on the home page. I have also added your email address to our mailing list so you will start receiving our newsletters this week. Hope you can join us for the weekend in September!
      -Sarah and Tony

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