Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour Coupon

Yesterday a reader on Facebook asked where she could find almond flour in Fargo-Moorhead. We replied that we use Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour, and have found it consistently stocked in the baking aisle at Hornbacher’s on 32nd Ave. (It retails for about $13, and It’s also available online via Bob’s Red Mill and Amazon.)

Within just minutes after this exchange, a post appeared in my personal Facebook news feed, promoting a coupon for $1 off any Bob’s Red Mill flour. Aside from the general creepiness associated with this type of direct marketing (I always feel like someone is reading my mind when that happens), I normally wouldn’t have paid too much attention.

But, almond flour is expensive, and friands are addictive. So we shared the link on our Sarello’s & The Lost Italian Facebook page, and have included it here in case you’d like to download. We have no relationship with Bob’s Red Mill and receive nothing from this link other than knowing that we’re helping to save some fellow friand-lovers a little money.

 FYI – to get the coupon you’ll need to share an email address. A few years ago I created a separate Gmail account to use just for this purpose, so that my regular inbox isn’t inundated with mail offers. The coupon is valid through May 31, 2014.


And then let us know:

Do you use coupons regularly?

If yes, where do you find them? In the paper, online, direct mail offers?

Post your answers in the Comments section below.