Thanksgiving Leftovers

This week the stars aligned for us and we found no difficulty when deciding which recipe to feature. With the Thanksgiving holiday now behind us, it only seems appropriate to offer a suggestion on what to do with your leftover turkey. And our recipe for Turkey Crepes is a great alternative to the standard fare.

“Most leftover turkey is either just reheated or turned into a sandwich, and that’s fine,” says Tony. “But this recipe allows you to be more creative with your leftovers. It’s elegant, different, simple.  And delicious.”

Tony created this recipe for a cooking class he was teaching back in 2008, and it has become our go-to “leftover turkey” dish ever since. We have to admit, we’re fairly spoiled on this holiday. Tony, with his mad knife skills, carves the turkey, I bring the Cranberry Sauce, and my sister-in-law (another Sarah) bakes three to four different pies from scratch.

But my mother does nearly all of the cooking, and she’s a bit of a culinary magician to me. Somehow, she manages to serve at least a half-dozen side dishes in addition to the turkey, and still manages to get herself and all that food to the table hot, and on time. And she always makes sure that we leave with some leftovers. What’s not to love about Thanksgiving?

We serve lunch every Friday at Sarello’s, with the exception of the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of the few days of the year that my husband will actually sleep in, a result, I suspect, of all that tryptophan. So there isn’t a lot of time to hang out together before it’s time for him to get ready for the evening service. And that’s why I love this recipe. The preparation is quick and simple, and if you aren’t familiar with making crepes, you can find them available, pre-made, in the produce section of our local grocery stores.

The ingredient that makes this recipe special is the Pistachio Pesto. Its brightness, texture, and nutty flavor make the dish come alive. It’s also easy to make, and can be done the night before, or even up to a week in advance if refrigerating. And any leftover pesto can be frozen for up to two months.

We spread the pesto along the inside of each crepe before assembling them, which you can do right before you start cooking. After you’ve finished preparing the crepes, lay them on a sheet pan and set aside till later.

Using a sauté pan, the next step is to heat up the leftover turkey, mixing in heavy cream and Fontina cheese to add flavor and keep it moist.

“Fontina is a great choice for this recipe. It’s Italian, so there’s that, but it also has really great flavor and melting properties. Fontina is a mild, nutty cheese, with an undertone of tanginess that brings a little extra zing to this dish.”

Once the cream has reduced and the cheese is melted, spoon the turkey mixture onto each crepe and roll it up, returning it to the sheet pan when done. Pop the tray into a 350°F oven for two to three minutes just to warm the crepes, and voila! They’re ready to serve.

“And you know, the turkey doesn’t want to be alone, so give it some company on the plate,” Tony says. “You can utilize leftover cranberry sauce by warming it up first and then drizzling some right down the middle of each crepe before serving. This adds a burst of color and its sweetness brings a nice contrast in flavor to the dish. ”

This recipe can also be enjoyed throughout the year by using a whole turkey breast instead of leftovers.

So set aside the plan for sandwiches and give these Turkey Crepes a try. We think you’ll just gobble them up!